Cause Of Death Revealed For Houston Teen Who Died After Fight

Officials say a 13-year-old girl who d*ied days after being involved in a f*ight while walking home from school was k*illed by a brain t*umor discovered when she was h*ospitalized days later.

The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences

said Monday that Kashala Francis d*ied of c*omplications from p*ilocytic a*strocytoma, the most common childhood brain t*umor.

The a*utopsy didn’t list any contributing factors in her d*eath.

Kashala’s mother said her daughter was h*it in the head during the f*ight April 18. She was h*ospitalized three days later and d*ied April 24.

Houston p*olice h*omicide i*nvestigators had been reviewing Kashala’s d*eath.

P*olice spokesman Jodi Silva says the case will be referred to the agency’s major a*ssaults and family v*iolence division to see if ch*arges related to the f*ight could be f*iled.