Co-workers Surprise Adopted Colleague With African Inspired Celebration After Tracing Roots Back to Africa

As an adopted child Willie Moore Jr. always wanted to know more about his roots. When he took a DNA test and learned his lineage traces back to Benin and Togo, his co-workers planned a surprise to celebrate.

Because of Them We Can spoke to Moore’s wife Patricia Moore and learned that his team told him that he was having a photo shoot, however he didn’t know what is was for. He also didn’t assume anything of the African attire as "his stylist dressed him that way."

Moore can be heard saying, “Wow… thank you,” as he realizes the celebration is for him.

Following the event he posted the following to his Instagram page.

Moore is host of the William Moore Jr. Show in Atlanta. Kudos to his colleagues, stylist and wife for giving him a celebration fit for a king!