Many Are Telling The Rapper That What Future Zahir Needs Is Not An Expensive Watch, While Some Others Say That The Athlete Is The Better Father Even Though The Little Boy Is Not His Real Son. Finding the perfect gift for someone is always challenging,

but Future certainly missed the mark when he celebrated his son's, Future Zahir Wilburn, fifth birthday. Instead of giving him toys like what parents usually do, the Atlanta rapper presented him a gold Rolex watch even though the little boy could barely tell time.

Future shared on Instagram Stories a video of him giving the expensive gift to his mini-me, who appeared to be underwhelmed. "Thanks," he responded half-heartedly. In addition to the video, he shared on his account a picture of the child sporting the gold watch, but he didn't look that thrilled. Quoting Meek Mill, Future wrote in the caption of the post, "It was something bout that rollie when it first touched my wrist."

His followers were quick to drag him in the comment section, telling the rapper that what the child needed was not an expensive watch. "What is a kid gonna do with a Rollie? Can even tell the time on that thing?" one sarcastically asked. "That little boy wants to ride go carts, play baseball and football, and just be a kid... a Rolex smh..still doesn't give you father of the year," another said.

Some others, meanwhile, compared Future to Russell Wilson, the boy's step father. They were saying that the athlete is the better father even though Future Zahir is not his real son. "Can you take him back to Russell? Where he actually look likes a normal kid & not all this foolishness," one wrote. "I'm glad Russell in your son life," another said.

Russell himself has also wished Future Zahir a happy birthday, along with an image of them riding a go cart together.

"From the moment we came into each other's worlds to now... 5 years later, you have changed my life and my heart for the better. You are the greatest gift I could have ever asked God for! I will always love you, guide you, teach you and care for you," he wrote in the caption. "Happy 5th Birthday Future! Papa Russ Loves you!"

Unlike the responses that they gave to Future, many people were singing praises for Russell as they dubbed him the "real dad." One said, "Forget just being 'Papa Russ' you're is dad!!!!! Period you are so good to him, absolutely love it #FutureWho," while one individual wrote, "That is not Future son anymore. It's a wrap. DNA even changed by now."

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