The Video Taken By An Eyewitness Shows The 'Valuable Pain' Rapper Staying By Kay Marie's Side While She Writhed In Pain In The Hotel Lobby After She's I*njured In The Sh*ootout.

New footage has emerged showing the aftermath of the Sunday, May 12 sh*ooting in Miami that i*nvolved YoungBoy Never B*roke Again, also known simply as NBA YoungBoy.

The video taken by an amateur shows the rapper tending to his girlfriend Kay Marie, who was i*njured in the i*ncident.

In the clip obtained by TMZ, YoungBoy was seen tending to Kay, who was lying in the hotel lobby, reportedly b*leeding. He tried to help her by applying p*ressure to her w*ound while she was w*rithing in p*ain. A worried friend was seen rushing to her side as well, before they were seen getting inside a car, perhaps to take her to the h*ospital.

YoungBoy and his crew reportedly drove off with Kay inside the car before they were stopped by p*olice who responded to the sh*ooting. Another video shows the 19-year-old was being taken out of the black SUV, placed onto a stretcher and transported to the h*ospital in an a*mbulance.

Sh*ots were f*ired at YoungBoy and his crew outside the Trump Beach Resort in Miami on Mother's Day. YoungBoy and his crew reportedly returned f*ire. It was previously reported that his bodyguard k*illed the person who first opened f*ire, but it's now said that the i*ncident left a hotel employee d*ead from a g*unsh*ot w*ound. Additionally, a 5-year-old child was g*razed by a b*ullet during the sh*ooting.

Unlike previous report, YoungBoy was not one of the 11 people d*etained by p*olice after the sh*ootout, but the authorities still want to question him.

The 19-year-old rapper was in town to perform at Rolling Loud on Sunday night. Despite the i*ncident, he still made it to the festival at Hard Rock Stadium. P*olice reportedly beefed up security at the event, bringing in an extra SWAT team and more manpower after the sh*ooting.

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