Future: “I’m The Nipsey of The South”

Young Scooter posted a tribute on Instagram and captioned that “we need more nxggas like @nipseyhussle #LegendsNeverDie” and Future replied “Yeah we do need more like us… I been teaching and preaching for decade also showing and proving what hard work and dedication get u”.

After Future made his false, narcissistic comment, fans across the world began to drag him all over social media stating that he doesn’t do anything for the community, he’s not a good father and all his music is about d*rugs, s*ex and v*iolence.

We caught up to the “The Mask Off” rapper here’s what he had to say:

“People got it twisted, I’m the ‘Nipsey Hussle’ of the south. I make music that people from the south can relate to. How is making music about gettin’ it like ‘Trap Nxggas’ and ‘Mask Off’ not empowering? I’m motivating nxggas through my music. The idea is to get money not to sell d*rugs. If you work at McDonalds, that yo t*rap”

It’s a very bold statement to compare oneself to Nipsey Hussle, the same man who was set to meet with LAPD to discuss resolutions to problems in the hood the evening he was g*unned d*own. Future on the hand r*aps about s*ex, money, and p*opping Xanax. No matter how Future tries to flip it, there’s nothing positive about r*apping about the trap. Nipsey Hussle was bigger than music and managed to garner fans that did not even listen to his music. Not sure if Future could say the same. Do you believe that Future is as influential as the late Nipsey Hussle in a positive way?

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