Impressive ‘escape artist’ toddler climbs and unlocks big metal gate

Children can often achieve amazing feats that leave adults in awe. One such feat is the ability to climb things they shouldn't be able to, like the toddler who climbed a metal gate and unlocked it like a boss.

Toddlers can sometimes amaze adults with the seemingly impossible feats they can achieve. And they make it look so easy too! A video of an impressive little boy doing an 'escape trick' recently has South Africans admiring his skills. The video was shared on Facebook by South Africa Live, and the comments left by viewers made it clear how amusing they found the toddler's ability to climb a metal gate, unlock it and then slide it open. gathered some of the comments left by amused South Africans:

Cindy Zwide: Wait.....he's wearing diapers? he's very strong wow

Kerryann Vanderbilt: Kid looks like he works out.

Regina Brongers: Strong little man.

Megan Lonergan: This little boy is brilliant.

Serlena Wardman: Oh my word clever little chap! Mom has to watch him like a hawk.

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