Kodak Black Calls Out T.I. About Herpes Outbreak!!

Kodak Black is in the hot seat, again, and like last time, the disrespect is in on level 10. Recently, Kodak Black made so d*isgusting, i*nsensitive comments about Lauren London, the wife of late rapper Nipsey Hussle, and the hip hop community was not feeling it. Several hip hop artist made statements in regards to Kodak’s statements.

After T.I. released his video, many fans and other artists agreed with him and it encouraged many to take a stand against Kodak. Even a radio station, Power 106, out of Los Angeles has muted Kodak Black will no longer give his records airtime. Here’s what T.I. had to say to Kodak:

“Hey, Kodak Black: You outta pocket, n**ga. Fix that sh*t—quickly, expeditiously” Tip said in an Instagram video. “[…] If I see you, I’ma say it to your face. You outta pocket, n**ga. Get your motherf**kin’ self together.”

Kodak Black responded, “First of all T.I., worry about Tiny. You don’t go with Nunu no more, she fair game. I ain’t even say I was sh*ooting at her right now, I said I’d give her some years. In the meantime though, instead of talking shxt bout what you not gone do, you need to buy some money for that herpes. All that money you got and you got herpes. Go get the cure nxgga. It’s 2019 don’t nobody got herpes no more”. T.I. has not responded but we are sure he will not be pleased with Kodak’s ignorant comments.

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