Kodak Black Donates $12,500 To School Children Who Need Notebooks

According to a report from, this past year has been quite strange for the rapper, Kodak Black, who was recently booked on g*un and d*rug possession ch*arges, as well as v*iciously criticized online.

The star took heat for speaking about Lauren London following the d*eath of her child’s father, Nipsey Hussle.

Repeatedly, the rapper has been in the media for less than positive reasons, with his detainment at the US and Canada border being the most recent. While in need of a public makeover, Kodak Black chose to donate $12,000 to lower-income students in 2019 to help out with textbooks and other supplies.

The rapper, hailing from Florida, was supposedly inspired by a teenager named Paige Cook, who created a campaign to donate a pencil to every student in the entire district consisting of approximately 7,000 students.

The young girl ended up accumulating 60,000 pencils as well as notebooks, thanks to Kodak’s help. The performer’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, spoke with TMZ and admitted the rapper had coughed up $12,500 for the supplies, specifically, notebooks.

Cohen said to reporters from TMZ that the notebooks would go to kids who live in a lower-income area. In 2018, Kodak Black said he had a dream to help build a school in Haiti. He also donated approximately 10 grand to a South Florida children’s center called Jack and Jill.

While the media reports on Kodak have been quite negative, it’s good to see that he’s doing some positive for the greater good. As it was noted above, Kodak came under intense fire on social media for suggesting he would take Nipsey Hussle’s place following the rapper’s d*eath.

Kodak was obviously insinuating that Lauren London, the mother of Nipsey’s child, was attractive enough for him to slide into her DMs. But the nature of Nipsey’s d*eath, as well as the outpouring of veneration for the s*lain rapper, saw that Kodak was – as some would say – sufficiently shamed.

On his Instagram, Kodak admitted he didn’t really understand why people were so upset because he wasn’t actually “disrespecting” Lauren London, despite not recognizing that the father of her children was just sh*ot and k*illed.

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