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Louisiana twins overcome learning disability, earn over $2.5 million in college scholarships

Louisiana twins overcome learning disability, earn $2.5 million+ in college scholarships

Recent Captain Shreve High School graduates, Brin and Nial Wilson, are suiting up for summer. The twins have been offered more than $2.5 million in college scholarships.As inseparable brothers and passionate football players, their key to success is easy to tackle.

However, learning didn’t always come easy.

“When you have dyslexia, it’s going to be harder to learn like everyone else does. We would have to study a lot longer.”

The twins said their math and science coursework was fine. It was reading and social studies that posed their biggest academic challenges.

Through it all, their parents, Delano and Sonya Wilson, kept the faith. “God has a purpose and a plan. So, just do the best you can; trust God.”

The twins persevered through school, despite what some call a learning disability. “Anybody can do it, even if you have a disorder or anything. Anybody can do it.”

When it was time to apply for college and the acceptance letters started coming, they thought, “it’s just what happens.”

“At first I didn’t really think anything of it. Like, oh, it’s just another school. Got accepted. I just really didn’t think anything about it.”

The twins were accepted into over a dozen schools; Morehouse College, St. John’s University, La Salle University, Loyola University, Louisiana Tech University, and Barry University, to name a few.

“I don’t think they thought anything of this magnitude would really happen.”

Brin and Nial are still undecided about where to attend college this fall. Regardless, the twins plan to attend college together and major in civil engineering.

“We’re just average students. Anybody can do what we did, if you work hard in the classroom.”

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