After looking high and low, near and far, I found the most influential and powerful black leader in the universe. You won’t believe who it is…

You, the black man or woman reading this right now, are the most powerful black leader in the entire universe.

Here’s why.

We have access to the knowledge, lessons, history, philosophy, and mistakes of every leader that came before us. Our ancestors did not have that privilege, they did not have the internet.

If the great ones before us had to journey and travel great lengths to learn and build their foundation of knowledge, we have an advantage they didn’t have. For the most part, we can dig in our pockets, pull out our phones and learn anything we want, instantly.

So this means we have a greater POTENTIAL to be effective. Whether we choose to be effective and USE that potential is another conversation.

The point is, we are in the information age where most of us have access to lifetimes of information.

If we were to ACT on the knowledge we COULD be learning then we WOULD be the smartest black people that ever walked the earth.

We don’t need leaders, if we all knew how to reason and use logic for our own constructive campaigns. We have access to all the information we need to restore what was lost in slavery and modern miseducation.

If the universe is mental, and the mind is all, and we are all infinitely connected then the ancestors ARE us and we have an opportunity to evolve ourselves individually to become greater then all that came before us, or rather evolve from who we were in the previous lives.

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