71 year old School Bus Driver Charles McLennon was a*ttacked and b*eaten by an unknown a*ssailant on 3rd Ave near E. 167th St. (Obtained by News)

An elderly man b*eaten b*loody and nearly u*nconscious by a stranger on a Bronx street has one question for his a*ttacker.

“Why?” Charles McLennon, a 71-year-old school bus driver, wants to know. “I’m shocked.”

McLennon was walking back to work after a break when, with no warning, he was struck from behind with an unknown object on Third Ave. near E. 167th St. in Morrisania on May 1 about 2:20 p.m., c*ops said.

The NYPD is seeking this individual related to the attack on McLennon (DCPI)

“I didn’t see him coming,” McLennon told the Daily News. “I just felt it on my face and I fell to the ground.”

When McLennon struggled back to his feet his youthful a*ttacker, wearing Nike sweatpants with the words “Just do it” emblazoned on one leg, continued to p*ummel him, k*nocking him down again.

McLennon could vaguely make out a dark-blue hoodie and dreadlocks as he groped around on the ground for his fallen keys but never clearly saw his a*ttacker’s face.

“There was b*lood all over my eyes,” he explained. “I was in such a daze.”

His a*ttacker ran off without taking anything from McLennon, leaving c*ops baffled by the motive.

In his daze, the elderly man was able to reach for his phone and call 911. He spent the night at Lincoln H*ospital, where he needed stitches to close c*uts above and below his left eye.

After probing the unprovoked a*ttack for a couple weeks, c*ops on Saturday released surveillance video of the s*uspect sitting on a milk crate, Apple earphones hanging from one ear and his face clearly visible.

McLennong can’t fathom why his a*ssailant chose him.

Driver Charles McLennon is back at work after being attacked. (Obtained by News)

“I just like to stay home and sleep late and watch sports," he said. “That’s how I’ve been all my life."

McLennon is now back on the job at SuperTrans Bus Company, where he has worked since 2002, to the delight of all his school kids.

“They love me. I’ve been the same driver for years. I take all the brothers and sisters. They all come downstairs to see Charles in the morning," he said. "When I was down for a few days, they were so worried. They were sad. The parents were calling, they didn’t know what happened.”

McLennon plans to meet with c*ops on Wednesday as they continue to work to identify his a*ttacker.

“You’re walking down the street and all of a sudden you’re on your a-- and there’s b*lood all over you — and you don’t understand why or what happened,” he said.

But he’s not staying scared.

“No, no," he said. "I go to work every day. I just have to take a little more caution.”

P*olice ask anyone with information to call C*rime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS. All calls will be kept confidential.

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