GWINNETT, Ga. (WTHR) — A Georgia high school senior will soon graduate with perfect attendance and no tardies throughout his entire schooling career.

It's an impressive feat whatever way you slice it, but it's one that has been accomplished at least twice before, by his two older brothers.

"In high school — especially like there's a senior skip day — it's like, 'Wow, bringing up senior skip day to my parents, that's a problem,'" Sam Ademisoye told WXIA. Sam is the oldest brother in the Ademisoye family. He graduated high school in 2015 without ever having missed a day of school.

Middle brother Mark did it in 2017, and now, Emmanuel will accomplish it in 2019.

The brothers' parents, Michael and Comfort, say attendance and timeliness have always been a priority in their family.

"I believe the time is money, and it shouldn't be wasted," dad Michael said. "I see no reason why they ever miss a day of school unless something happens."

He would know. When Michael was growing up, he also never missed a day of school.

The brothers say their perfect attendance isn't as big of a deal as people make it out to be.

"It's just another thing. I go to school every day," Mark said.

Emmanuel said there's no special recipe to always making it to school. All it takes is having a routine.

"We have an alarm set out for us — this is when you wake up; this is when you brush your teeth."

All three Ademisoye brothers aspire to be doctors. Sam, the oldest, recently graduated from Georgia State University.

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