50 Cent Calls For Jesus' Return and His Owed Funds Following Teairra Mari's Arrest

"Jesus take the wheel."

Although 50 Cent has been focused on collecting debt from other v*ictims, the rapper has not forgotten the $30K reality star Teairra Mari still owes him. Following their lengthy and extremely petty f*eud which momentarily resolved

with Mari finally agreeing to pay up, 50 Cent remained mute about the issue until recently when he asked for a court judge to add an extra $5K to the amount owing. And now, there is more to it. We just reported on Teairra Mari getting a*rrested for DWI and the sticky situation will, unfortunately, cost a pretty penny. The Love & Hip Hop star was also hit with a ch*arge for driving without a license. Though you will be surprised to find out (sic) that 50 Cent does not care and still wants her to run him his money.

The rapper shared a screenshot of a news report informing of Mari's arrest and captioned the post: "Jesus take the wheel, A b*itch d*runk‍.I still want my money Monday. (Dirt Bag!)" To note, Teairra Mari's debt to 50 Cent commenced when the two got into an argument surrounding Mari's alleged s*ex tape leak. The latter result in a legal s*cuffle wherein Teairra Mari was ordered to pay the rapper a hefty sum. The two have since launched a series of petty attacks at one another ever since Mari initially refused to pay.