50 Cent Doesn’t Care Teairra Mari Was Arrested for DWI, Still Wants His Money

Even though he's had new targets of debt collection over the past few months, 50 Cent definitely hasn't forgotten about the $30,000 he is owed from Teairra Mari. The singer was recently a*rrested for DWI,

getting herself in another sticky situation that she will have to come out of the pocket for. 50 doesn't care about that at all. He wants his coin.

According to TMZ, Mari was a*rrested in New York City on Saturday (June 22). P*olice reportedly p*ulled her over after noticing sparks coming from the tires of her Dodge Challenger. She was reportedly noticeably i*ntoxicated and was eventually booked for DWI. She was also h*it with another ch*arge of driving without a license.

50 Cent got wind of news of the a*rrest on Sunday (June 23). Posting a screenshot of the news report,Posting a screenshot of the news report he b*lasted the Love & Hip Hop participant. "Jesus take the wheel, A bitch d*runk‍♂️ ," he captioned the post. "I still want my money Monday. (D*irt Bag!)."

The Queens rapper has been on Mari's helmet over the 30K he was awarded after b*eating a revenge p*orn laws*uit brought forth by the singer. Despite Mari's claims that she "ain't got it," 50 has continued his viral purs*uits of the five-figure debt. Last month, he warned, "I want my f*ucking money, I’m not gonna keep saying this."

The saga continues.

Check out Fif's post below.

Source: Instagram