50 Cent Laughs at Floyd Mayweather’s DJ After Alleged T.I. Assault

This past weekend, Floyd Mayweather’s DJ, DJ Jay Bling, a*ccused T.I. of b*eating him up with the assistance of his crew in Los Angeles on Sunday night (June 23). Of course, 50 Cent, who often trolls Mayweather on his Instagram account, felt the need to clown Jay Bling with an IG Post.

On Monday (June 24) the rapper-businessman posted a video of Jay walking around with his shirt ripped to shreds as he throws some unflattering remarks toward T.I. and his crew. Tip and his crew can be seen seemingly looking in Bling's direction. For the caption, Fif writes, “LOL Look at this here, damn where ya chain @jaybling you lost it ?”

In the clip, Jay is not wearing any jewelry. It’s unclear if he lost it in this alleged a*ltercation.

Jay first claimed that T.I. and his crew a*ssaulted him outside of a venue over the weekend. Using his Instagram story to make the claim, Jay wrote, “TI JUMPED ME LOL!! All y’all niggas hit like straight b*itches... 6 Niggas and all y’all did was scratch me up! Niggas jumped the wrong one tonight! I’m on yo bumper b*itch a*ss n*igga @troubleman31."

T.I. has not addressed Jay Bling's a*ccusations. XXL has reached out to the Atlanta rapper's reps for comment.

Check out 50 Cent's Instagram post below.