Activist Quanell X Rails Against Maleah Davis Suspect, Calls for Charges Against Mother: ‘She Has to Own Up to the Complicit Role She Played’

Activist Quanell X said s*uspect Derion Vence (right) was “a*rrogant” while discussing the whereabouts of slain 4-year-old Maleah Davis. (Photos: ABC 13 / video screenshots)

Texas activist Quanell X said he believes additional ch*arges are coming in the d*eath of missing 4-year-old Houston girl Maleah Davis.

Quanell, who gleaned the sh*ocking confession from s*uspect Derion Vence in the young girl’s disappearance,

appeared on CNN’s Headline News this week and shared new details on the j*ailhouse meeting that led to the discovery of Davis’ remains last week.

“[Vence] was very a*rrogant, to be honest with you,” the activist told HLN’s Lynn Smith on Tuesday. “No remorse; he was just straight a*rrogant. There was nothing good that he said about Maleah. He wasn’t in pain or anything like that.”

On Monday, the remains were positively identified as Davis’ after being found in a trash bag alongside a freeway road in Hope, Arkansas — about 310 miles from Houston, on Friday. Quanell said Vence, 27, had confessed to him that Maleah’s d*eath was “an a*ccident” and that he dumped the child’s body on the side of the road.

Her cause and manner of d*eath are still unknown.

Vence remains the sole person c*harged in Davis’ disappearance, but Quanell said he believes “others” should be held accountable as well.

“I don’t want to jeopardize anyone being c*onvicted in this c*ase, because someone does — and others need to be ch*arged in this case also, for their subsequent roles they played after the d*eath of Maleah,” he said.

Quanell didn’t specify the “others,” but said he’s shared information with i*nvestigators about who he thinks should be ch*arged.

The local activist was once a vocal supporter and spokesman for Davis’ mother, Brittany Bowens, but c*ut ties with the woman last month over his fears she wasn’t being truthful about the case. On Tuesday, he reiterated his belief that Bowens, who was once engaged to Vence, knows far more about her daughter’s demise than she initially let on.

When asked if he believes Bowens will face ch*arges, Quanell replied: “Yes.”

“I have proof of what she said and what she admitted to,” he said of the mom. “I do believe she’ll be ch*arged and she should be ch*arged. And if there’s any ounce of decency in her as a mother, she has to own up to the c*omplicit, n*egligent role she played in the demise of Maleah.”

C*ourt documents show Child P*rotective Services removed the 4-year-old and and her siblings from the apartment Bowens and Vence shared after the girl s*uffered a head i*njury officials said was the result of “possible physical a*buse” last year. The children were returned to the home in February, according to an agency spokesman.

In May, Vence claimed he, his 1-year-old son and Maleah were carj*acked by three Latino men on their way to the airport to retrieve Bowens, who was out of town for a f*uneral.

The Texas man told p*olice he was knocked unconscious during the a*ttack and awoke to find his car and Maleah gone.

Vence was later a*rrested and j*ailed after i*nvestigators said they found traces of b*lood matching DNA from Maleah’s toothbrush in the family’s apartment. Still, he insists “nothing bad happened” to the little girl.

In a recent j*ail interview, Vence said, “I ain’t no k*iller, bro.”

“I loved Maleah so much. I did for her more than her own parents,” he told Houston’s ABC 13 from j*ail. “I never had a biological daughter. I would never do anything to h*urt her. That’s not me. Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you I’m not that type of dude and I was good with the kids.”

The s*uspect argued he “should be home with my family. With Maleah, the kids and Brittany, cooking dinner and watching Netflix.”

Vence remains behind b*ars on a ch*arge of t*ampering with e*vidence, namely, a c*orpse. He’s being held on $45,000 bond.

Watch more in the video below.