On The Other Hand, The 'In Da Club' Rapper Declares That He Has Ended His F*eud With Bow Wow After The Latter Paid Him Back The Money That Fofty Said Was S*tolen From Him. The list goes on.

Adrien Broner has become the latest celebrity who is embroiled in a beef with 50 Cent over money problem. However, this time around, the f*eud started after the professional boxer noticed that the "Candy" rapper had blocked him on Instagram.

Adrien then took to the photo-sharing platform to blast Fofty, sharing a note that read, "50 Cent you blocked me n***a. I need to borrow a million punk a** n***a call me." He additionally wrote in the caption of the post, "Hit me up n***a or when I see you we go Rumble." But Fofty later made it clear that he had no intention of lending the athlete any money, writing in response, "F**k you AB, we still mad about that money you made us lose on ya f*ight. Yeah I blocked your a** because you f***ing up the money."

It didn't take long for Adrien to hit back with a couple of middle finger emojis and a f*ight challenge. "F**k you to 50 Cent and we can f*ight to solve our differences," he wrote on Instagram.

Fofty has yet to give his response, most likely because he had Adrien's account blocked. However, he kept s*lamming the athlete and stressed that he wouldn't be "f***ing with AB till he get a W. I'm a call his phone later and curse his a** out."

While Fofty is currently beefing with Adrien, he has ended his f*eud with Bow Wow, whom he a*ccused of s*tealing his money. In a video posted on Instagram, the "Power" actor claimed that the "Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta" star had paid him the money that was meant to be given to strippers when they were partying earlier this month.

"So I just got off the phone with my man Ant. He called to tell me Bow Wow reached out and gave him the money so we cool and s**t. But I wanna do something to that n***a. I feel like the n***a stole my muthaf***ing' money. I f***ing throw the money for the dancers and s**t this n***a picking it up and taking it home with him," he said. "But y'all leave him alone! He feeling all kind of pressure! Muthaf***as on his page like, 'Yo you owe 50 money, muthaf***a! You better pay!' I know he's like, 'Ah!' "

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