Political commentator Shermichael Singleton argued that Black Americans shouldn’t have to “beg” to be treated with respect by p*olice. (MSNBC / video screenshot)

Black Republican Shermichael Singelton said he was “p*issed off” after watching a video of Phoenix p*olice t*errorizing a Black family over a $5 doll allegedly swiped from a dollar store. Video of the i*ncident, released by the Phoenix P*olice Department last week,

shows an o*fficer shoving a handc*uffed father of two against a p*atrol car before k*icking his leg out from under him, while a second o*fficer points a g*un at the man’s fiancée and their two young kids.

The o*fficers, who reportedly th*reatened to sho*ot the man “in your f——g face,” were there i*nvestigating a report of a th*eft, according to authorities.

Appearing on a panel for MSNBC’s “Politics Nation,” Singelton said he had no expectation that white folks, and especially conservatives, would speak out against the of*ficers’ treatment of the family.

“I have no expectation that the Republican Party is going to do anything about this,” he told host the Rev. Al Sharpton. “And as an African-American, I don’t have a lot of hope that white people, in general, would do anything about this.”

“Watching that video p*isses me off,” the political pundit added. “I’ve got to tell you there’s this characterization that Black men, we aren’t there for our kids, for our wives, girlfriends — and there you have this young guy who is the same age as my brother.”

Driving home his point, Singleton argued that p*olice “t*reat their dogs better than they treat us,” lamenting that African-Americans have to “beg” p*olice for respect and equal treatment.

Sharpton agreed, adding that the issue of p*olice b*rutality is now largely a one-sided political issue, with “Black Lives Matter” supporters on one side and white conservatives on the other end who don’t see the problem as an issue at all.

Democratic strategist Joel Payne, who also participated in Saturday’s panel, was also taken aback by the video and said he couldn’t help but think of the impact the i*ncident had on the couple’s young daughters.

“I think about that young man talking about his child, and this is their first interaction with p*olice,” said Payne, noting Father’s Day. “And that’s the life, that’s the life lesson that child is being taught is that in that moment, that p*olice o*fficer was trying to h*urt her and to h*urt her parents. That’s unacceptable.”

Recalling the i*ncident, Singelton criticized the o*fficer for ordering the woman to p*ut her 1-year-old baby on the ground.

“And she’s standing there pregnant holding the baby!” Sharpton chimed in.

Singleton concluded by questioning how many pleas it would take before p*olice finally start treating Black people with humanity.

P*olice are supposed “to be there to protect us and provide safety,” he said.

Watch more in the video below.

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