Elaine Mitchell has been ch*arged with a h*ate c*rime in Las Vegas. (Photo courtesy KVVU via Las Vegas Metropolitan P*olice)

A woman has been ch*arged with a h*ate c*rime in connection to an i*ncident where she th*rew rocks at two women for being Black.

The May c*onflict was reported by KVVU Wednesday after the outlet obtained a p*olice report from the Las Vegas Metropolitan P*olice. Atlanta Black Star has contacted the department to obtain the a*rrest report for 52-year-old Elaine Mitchell, who is listed as Greek in the report, according to KVVU.

According to the news outlet, p*olice were called to the May 13 f*ight between six to seven women. Everyone involved is reported to have scattered when authorities arrived on the scene and two v*ictims were identified as Black women, LVMP stated. Additionally, the two Black women informed the p*olice that Mitchell th*rew rocks at them and ordered them to leave as she h*urled r*acial s*lurs at their way; the exact s*lurs were not reported by KVVU, but they were sh*outed during and after the a*ltercation.

Mitchell is reported to have used the epithets even as she stood in front of a p*atrol car. KVVU also reported p*olice said Mitchell started to pray and was “asking God to k*ill” the two women.

Additionally, the report stated Mitchell said, “because the v*ictims are black, they ‘could not afford her’ because they are b*roke minorities,” the report said.

It is not known where exactly the i*ncident took place, as that detail was not included on the report.

However, KVVU reported that c*ourt records show Mitchell has been b*arred from casino s*lot machine ch*ain Dotty’s on East Flamingo Road as a stipulation of her b*ail.

Mitchell’s next c*ourt date is scheduled for June 18.

The i*ncident involving Mitchell follows another h*ate c*rime episode in Oregon where 64-year-old Michael James Black was ch*arged with a h*ate c*rime. The ch*arges came after he sh*outed th*reats and h*urled a r*acial s*lur at a Black 14-year-old on May 10.

“He called him a r*acial s*lur, and said he was going to b*low his head o*ff,” said Gresham Police spokesman Ben Costigan, according to OregonLive.

Black has been ch*arged with second-degree i*ntimidation and m*enacing in Gresham, a s*uburb of Portland, Oregon. The v*erbal a*ssault came after the teen rode his bike home from basketball practice and took a moment to ride in circles in a cul-de-sac as he waited for his friends, who had been walking from practice, to catch up to him. F*earing he’d get sh*ot, the teen rode his bike home and informed his mother. That’s when p*olice were called.

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