Kandi Burruss Shares Steamy Photo With Todd Tucker — Daughter Riley Shames Her Parents By Telling Them They Have Gone Too Far

Fans are telling Kandi Burruss to get her daughter who does not want her to live her best life and get freaky with husband Todd Tucker.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and Xscape diva took to Instagram and she shared a sexy photo where she is getting a bit hot and heavy with Todd.

In the photo, Kandi is laughing as she pretends to climb on Todd. The singer and songwriter used a very flirty caption that read: “Put your back into @todd167! 🤣🤣🤣”

The picture was taken in Kandi’s famous restaurant in Atlanta, and while Riley is all the way in New York where she is working hard as an intern at a law firm, she found a little time to call out her mom.

Riley took sweet revenge on her mother and stepfather who shamed her for wearing a sexy mini black dress a few weeks ago. Riley told her mother: “put your leg down ma’am.” Fans cannot stop laughing at the comment.

One person said: “Kandi given “legs…and …hips and… Body” vibes tonight!! Da Tuckers!! is this revenge for your mom asking you “what are you wearing?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😍Yass #blacklove and ima make sure me and my family check out your restaurant when we come to Atlanta.”

This fan had the following to say on the joke:”Their marriage is really holding on. That’s why you keep everybody out your business and go with your heart.❤️I literally have tried to find anyone better and I really can’t. Kandi is smile goals!!.”

Another backer revealed: “Kandi looks like a young tender with those braids, Todd likin dat. It’s called being in a right place with yourself and those who genuinely love you 😘 😍 😍 😍😍😘Kandi your braids are gorgeous on you. Always great to see you and Todd having fun with each other!!”

This follower praised the family by saying: “I swear I did not even recognize @kandi I’m like who is this young chick flirting with @todd167 Wow! You guys have a beautiful family. I didn’t want to bring unwanted attention on the flight, but it was a pleasure having you guys on my flight from ATL to LGA last week! ♥️ -Delta Flight Attendant.”

Kandi seems to be having a lot of fun.