Kevin Hunter Jr. Called His Father A "B**ch" Sparking Parking Lot Altercation: Report

The p*olice report says it all.

Last month, Wendy Williams' son was a*rrested for p*unching his father in the face after Wendy served her estranged husband with divorce papers after he got his mistress pregnant.

Clearly, Keving Jr. was all kinds of p*issed at his dad for his ch*eating behavior and now Page Six got its hands on the offical p*olice report, that details exactly what went down.

According to the heavily redacted report, once the o*fficer arrived at the scene he had to b*reak the men up. “I then was told by [redacted] who stated that [redacted] h*it [redacted] and caused [redacted] to start b*leeding,” the o*fficer wrote. “[Redacted] stated that Hunter Jr. and [redacted] were involved in a v*erbal a*ltercation and when [redacted] c*onfronted [redacted] about being called ‘a b*itch,’ when [redacted] struck [redacted] with a closed f*ist to the face. [Redacted] denied s*triking Hunter Jr. and reported that [redacted] only w*restled with [redacted] after being s*truck in the face.”

The documents further detail how Kevin Jr. admitted to calling his father a b*itch which made his father approach him and point his fingers in his f*ace which sparked Kevin Jr to p*ush him, which led to them w*restling on the ground. Kevin Jr. called Wendy after p*olice arrived and he had no signs of i*njury or p*ain.

As we've recently posted, Kevin Jr. is still riding with his mom and has yet to mend things with his father.