A young woman has taken to social media to share footage of the new house she bought and it inspired tweeps.

Some people retire without every owning a single property, but one 24-year-old recently bought her first house and her story is inspiring.

On Wednesday, a young woman, who has been identified as Phillistus Choene, took to Twitter to share photos and a video of her new house. Briefly.co.za gathered the young lady, who is only 24 years old, explained that the house was her first property and she went on to thank God for making it possible. "I bought my first property at 24. With God all things are possible," she captioned the post with several heart emojis.

Needless to say, her post inspired other social media users who congratulated Choene on her achievement. Siyabonga Nyembe, who goes by the Twitter handle‏ @sdnyembe, commented: "The best thing you could have done for yourself.@ Another tweep, @ujblujoy, added: "Congratulations! Buying a house at any age is amazing, but 24 is awesome! May you be blessed and safe in your home x." Mmagadi Mokuwe,‏ @MMAGADI, wrote: "Guuuuurl! Wow! Congratulations sisters. A job well done. Very happy for you okare I know you."

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