Both Lauren London and Samantha Smith have taken to social media to pay tribute to Nipsey Hussle. Samantha debuted a massive tattoo which is a portrait of the rapper’s face on her arm. Nipsey’s sister also penned a message where she promised to continue his legacy.

She wrote: “To my brother who is the Key to Life

To my brother who’s strength is unmatched

To my brother who is honorable

To my brother who keeps his word

To my brother who puts integrity before anything

To my brother who is the Color of Love

To my brother who has the empathy and compassion of God

To my brother who seeks the Truth and nothing less

To my brother who is who he says he is

To my brother who does what he says he will do

To my brother who has lived purposefully

To my brother who always listens

To my brother who has the massive capacity to understand

To my brother who keeps me safe

To my brother who embraces the new and unknown

To my brother who has immense Power

To my brother who dismisses fear

To my brother who lives in the spirit

To my brother who Eternal

To my brother who is the Trees and the Ocean

To my brother who is his children, his mother, his father, his brother, his woman

To my brother who is me

I will step into the path you have created

I will find what you have found

And we will be at home again



Big thank you @imxtana for this piece

I’m filled with gratitude.”

It was the first Father’s Day, Lauren had to spend without her love, Nipsey Hussle after the rapper was t*ragically g*unned down a couple of months ago.

Moreover, she has not forgotten him, as she took the time to share a tribute to her late partner, expressing how much she still felt for him and how much she missed him.

In the tribute, she pointed out that the way he handled himself as a father was one of the main factors that drew her to him in the first place.

The tribute was also shared and commented on all over social media, with many people chiming in to say that they also missed the rapper and to express their support for Lauren London.

Lauren seems to be holding up more or less fine for now, although it is clear that the incident has taken a toll on her mental state, and she is not quite the same person right now.

Many people around Hussle were similarly affected by his d*eath, and the sh*ooting shook the rap world quite heavily.

In the meantime, some have started attempts to restore the rapper’s legacy, working on continuing the things that he had started while he was alive, and trying to improve the situation around his neighborhood, much like Hussle himself was constantly trying to do.

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