On Father’s Day, Reginae Carter had not one but three amazing men who are part of her life to praise.

The model and actress took to social media, where she thanked Lil Wayne for being an amazing father who is a blessing, a best friend, and bank teller.

Reginae also penned a note to her more or less stepfather, Robert Rushing, who is the father of her sweet baby sister, Reign.

Last, but not least; Reginae explained one of the reasons why she loves her on-and-off boyfriend, YFN Lucci, is because he is a doting dad to his lovely children.

To the legendary rapper, Reginae wrote a loving and funny message that read: “Happy Father’s Day to you! I thank God for multiple things when it’s referring to you! The main reason is him blessing me with you as my father! You’re my best friend, counselor, (sometimes my bank teller), & more! Today we celebrating everything you are to me and I’m thanking you for it ❤️ I love you, dad. 😘”

The reality TV star had this to say to YFN Lucci, who has several children from previous relationships: “Happy Father’s Day baby, ❤️ you’re so good with your kids! The joy and happiness in your eyes when you’re with them is priceless. If you want to know what I respect most about you, it’s the way you love and care for your kids. Enjoy your day ❤️ you deserve it 😘🍾🎊 @yfnlucci.”

Reginae had a heartfelt message for Robert whom she called the epitome of a real man for loving her, Toya, and of course, cutie pie Reign: “Sorry, this is just the cutest picture !!

Red, you’re the epitome of a real man! You came in and treated me as your own! You’re so perfect with Reign! You have to teach me how you put her to sleep so effortlessly !! Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy 😘 I love you ❤️ @mrrushlife.”

One fan had this sweet remark about Robert: “Aww, this is so cute, I love the bond you have with him. That’s so nice you have two male figures in your life.😍”

Another follower shared this response to the message about YFN Lucci: “As much love and honor, she shows her dad on a regular basis, yall mad that she posted her man first! Post how you want Nae! I wish yall haters would stop following her and stop trying to tear her down.”

Reginae seems well surrounded.

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