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Lil Xan Responds After Pulling Out Gun On Tupac Fan and Calling Him The N-Word

Lil Xan Responds After Pulling Out G*un On Tupac Fan & Calling Him The N-Word. Picture: Getty

Lil Xan has taken to Instagram to address the i*ncident where he pulled out a g*un on a Tupac fan during an e*xplosive argument.

Lil Xan has reportedly been involved in a s*cuffle with a Tupac fan,

who c*onfronted the rapper about his previous comments he made about the hip-hop legend. Lil Xan Reportedly 'Rescued By P*olice' From Angry Tupac Fans

The 22 year-old rapper took the argument to e*xtreme measures by p*ulling out a handg*un on him and calling the man the N-word.

During an interview last year, the "Live Or D*ie" rapper rated Pac's clout as a two out of ten. He then proceeded to call Pac's music "boring".

A year later, a Tupac fan has c*onfronted Xan about his comments, where he found himself with a g*un pointed at him by the rapper.

According to TMZ, Xan got into a s*cuffle with a Tupac fan on early Friday morning (Jun 7th) at a parking lot near downtown L.A.

In the footage obtained by TMZ, the man who is recording the video asked Xan why he "talked s**t" about Tupac last year in an interview. The argument escalated after the guy referred to Xan as a "b**ch".

Xan then shouted back at the guy saying "what the f**k you want, bruh?? Get the f**k out, n***a!!!"

The 22 year-old rapper then took out what reportedly looked like a semi-a*utomatic handg*un. Lil Xan's girlfriend chimed in and shouted "you started it, you dumb f**k," to the man.

He then waved the g*un around one more time, directing it towards the man.

Lil Man took to Instagram story to respond to the a*ltercation. He wrote: "f*ck all you old head ass b**ches still talking about that 2pac sh*t live your own life and stop picking on a kid".

Watch the video via TMZ.

Lil Man responds to the altercation where he pulled out a gun on a Tupac fan. Picture: Instagram

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