- A video shared via social media proved to be adorable and inspirational at the same time

- The video went viral as it showed the cute interaction between a black toddler and a white baby

- Social media users were raving about the footage and most felt that it proved that r*acism doesn’t exist naturally, but that it is taught.

Certain moments serve more than one purpose and this one definitely meets that criteria. A beautiful video served to warm the hearts of South Africans, while also conveying a powerful message. It showed the touching interaction between 2 toddlers of different race. A little black girl is seen greeting a white baby boy sitting in a pram.

The girl is clearly fascinated by the boy and eventually his parents remove him from the pram so they can greet each other. The magical moment is capped off with the two children giving each other a big hug. The warm embrace melted the hearts of social media users and left many inspired.

Briefly.co.za noted the comments and the video served as a reminder that r*acism is not a natural condition, but that it is taught. Marc Putter said, “One day is one day that people don't see race or colour but just brother and sisters how wonderful would it be to live in a world like that.” Jabu Mkhwanazi added, “That is wonderful I love what i see something positive God bless the parents as well because it shows that they don't know colour as well.”

Comandate Mogano said, “Love these parents.” Talon James Smith commented: “Watching children play gives me hope. Children are so aware of each other and a lot of the time show each other love.” Sharon Bippert said, “Very true. I am a teacher and see every day. The kids don’t see colour its taught to them and that is sad.” John Baldwin added: “See it so many times, people are not born r*acist they are taught to be. Remember we are never too old to learn something and change what may have been taught. The decision lays within every single person.”

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