Mike Epps And Kyra Robinson Got Married And People Appreciate Snoop Dogg For Attending The Wedding Instead Of The BET Awards – See The Pics And Videos

Congratulations are in order for comedian and rapper Mike Epps and his wife Kyra Robinson. THey just got married. Check out some pics and videos that surfaced online.

You’ll see that T.I. also posted a video of his own to celebrate his friends.

Someone said, ‘That’s why nobody was at the BET awards! 😭’

Another follower posted: ‘Snoop a real friend. He said I gotta be at my dawg wedding I’ll catch y’all next year🤣’

Someone else gushed over the couple and said, ‘They make a GORG couple! She’s soooo beautiful, and he’s fine AF! ❤️💋’

One fan wrote: ‘I see why Snoop wasn’t at the BET Awards😂’ and another commenter posted: ‘That’s real snoop went to the wedding instead of the BET awards.’

Someone else wrote that ‘This is a lesson ladies! Invest in your career, education or business…don’t invest in a man cuz he’ll leave you years later for a younger woman…ya money won’t!’

Not too long ago, T.I. shared some pics with Mike and the two of them were having a blast. You may notice what Mike is wearing, and Tip’s caption explains it all.

‘Me: Maaaan … You wore that hoodie just to fu*k wit me didn’t you Ni66a?

Mike: Haaaa…You know I did…😂

Me: 🤨I knew it!!! You’s a ornery, despicable muthafu*ka Mike!!!

Mike: Yeah I’m somn else ain’t I Tip?🤣😂🤣😂🤣

#FriendsForever #Love4Life’

You probably recall that Tip still has a big problem with Gucci after the blackface s*candal.

Anyway, Congratulations, Mike and Kyra!