Porsha Williams just made her fans happy with a brand new video of her baby girl, Pilar Jhena. Tamar Braxton was among the first people who hopped in the comments to gush over PJ. Check out Porsha’s video below and see Tamar’s reaction.

In the clip, baby PJ is laying down on her little back, and she is cooing for the camera.

The gorgeous mother can be heard in the background saying ‘Yay’ to PJ.

Porsha even asks her bundle of joy: ‘Are you telling my business’ and PJ is making the cutest noises ever. It’s no wonder that Tamar and many others might be getting baby fever from watching this.

Tamar said: ‘She’s so cute!!!💕💕’ and another fan posted: ‘Awwww she is looking like you right here.’

More followers believe that PJ is twinning with her daddy, Dennis McKinley.

Somoene asked: ‘Why do girls come out looking just like they daddy’s when we do all the work‼️😍’

Another follower said: ‘She looks like her dad for sure. I’m so happy for you!!!! @porsha4real,’ while a person wrote this: ‘She saying “keep my parents’ name out yall MOUTH!”‼️’

Speaking of the relationship between Porsha and Dennis, things really seem to be over no matter how sad this is.

As it was previously reported, Porsha is currently vacationing with her baby girl.

The fact that she went there only with her daughter and she’s also not wearing her engagement ring, has fans saying that she’s definitely over with Dennis.

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