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"Proud to be honest": Men returns R13 000 found in serviced car

Three men were applauded for their honesty in a situation that many other would have handled differently.

Meyer Benjamin, owner of iPop Vehicle Sales, was the picture of a proud boss as he thanked three is employees for their honesty.

Sakhile Hadebe, Vincent Ndebele and Bhekumuzi Ndlovu were washing a car after it had been serviced when they found R13 000 under the carpet on the driver’s side. Instead of keeping the money for themselves, they did the honorable thing and returned it to the owner.

A video was shared on Caxton EastSouth's YouTube page which showed Benjamin honouring his honest employees. The Souther Courier reported the iPop Vehicle Sales boss thanked them in IsiZulu, adding he was very happy to work with such great employees. Briefly.co.za learned the owner of the money did not reward the three men so the company took it upon themselves to bless their honesty. "As a token of appreciation we will give them each a R2 000 SPAR voucher and branded T-shirts with their names in front and ‘I’m proud to be honest’ at the back," Benjamin said. The publication also added that Cartrack chipped in to thank the three men, giving each of them a goodie bag and an umbrella.

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