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R. Kelly Just Told His Ex-Wife She Should Be Working At A Fast Food Joint To Take Care Of Their Kids

Everyone knows that R. Kelly is f*acing some serious time in j*ail for some c*rimes that he’s a*llegedly c*ommitted a while ago. As you probably know by now, the a*ccusations against the man are t*errible, and they involve s*ex t*apes with u*nderage girls.

The s*candal involving Kelly was m*assive, and a lot of people came forward to talk about the whole drama. More details have recently surfaced about his case.

On top of it all, he has also been attending c*ourt dates regarding his child support payments of which he owes thousands of dollars.

Hot New Hip Hop just reported that just the other day, his ex-wife Andrea Kelly has suggested that in order to support his kids, he should get a job at a restaurant or fast food, to make tacos.

The comment obviously triggered a harsh response from him because according to TMZ he clapped back by saying that she’s the one who should be getting a job at a fast food restaurant.

Drea spoke to TMZ, and she and her daughter Buku Abi had a few things to say.

‘I don’t care if you’re gonna become the first King of R&B to work at Del Taco,’ said Drea.

Buku has something more to add and said that she doesn’t ‘need’ his money but that it’s his responsibility to pay up until she turns 23 years old.

After these comments aired, the online magazine mentioned above reported that reps for R. Kelly reached out to TMZ and suggested that Drea is the one who should be getting a job at a fast food joint where she should flip burgers.

He also believes that she has been using the child support money to fund her own lifestyle. R. Kelly also thinks that she should get a job if she wants to keep living big.

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