Diva Tamar Braxton is back in the news after many noticed that she might be f*euding with one of her sisters.

This time around, it is not a rumor; after the tension and even blow-out between Tamar and her sister, Traci Braxton, on their reality show — the pair has decided to stop following each other on Instagram.

Fans, who followed the hit TV show, Braxton Family Values, are aware of the heated exchange at Napa Valley where Tamar cut the vacation short and Traci kept going after a cameraman.

Despite Tamar’s boyfriend, David Adefeso making a huge announcement that she had changed and was no longer interested in the negativity that fighting brings.

One fan reacted to the news by saying: “I think they need to hear her out and understand where she is coming from. They can agree to disagree. But I think they are assuming they know what it’s about, but they don’t. You can tell she is hurt. That’s their sister they need to find why she is so hurt; she used to be the jokester. I pray for her peace.”

Another commenter had this to say: “I just pray for the whole family. It seems like Traci’s manager keeps stuff going which divides not just the family but yet both of their staff as well. The sad part about it, It worked only because the sister had issues b/4 that so it was easy for his manipulations to tear their family apart. & in general, this is why as a family under the spotlight you NEVER let the enemy see your anger for one another. or know that you are upset with one another because that’s the fuel for the fire.

Traci’s manager seemed to be the igniter, lighter & gas fluid to burn bridges. As far as the dressing rooms it did not seem as though Tamara’s dressing room was too much better & Me personal don’t believe that Tamar knew what the dressing rooms look like b/4 hand & ppl should remember that was an ancient building in New York. & Tamar surely didn’t ask her sister to open the show just to feel any kind of negative way. Tamar was still looking forward to singing the finale with Traci & wasn’t even aware that Traci had even dipped out.”

Tamar’s fans are used to these changes.

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