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Tamar Braxton’s Estranged Husband Refuses To Pay $385K Debt: Report

Vince Herbert is refusing to pay his $380K debt or even show up to c*ourt about it.

It looks like the estranged husband of Tamar Braxton is trying to run away from his financial problems. According to TheBlast, Vince Herbert refuses to show up to c*ourt or pay a $380,000 debt he currently owes.

The company LDNX Records is demanding that a j*udge find Herbert in contempt for failing to turn over financial information, despite being served with a subpoena. The record company is owed $380,000 from Vince Herbert stemming from a previous lawsuit. They have been trying to collect on the money for over a year, but have had no luck. They even got creative and attempted to get records to see if Herbert was owed money from famous artists he worked with including Lady Gaga and Remy Ma. In addition, the company wants Herbert to be ordered to answer questions about his income and assets. They also want to seize money from his Wells Fargo bank account.

The company points out Herbert also still owes Sony Music over $3.7 million stemming from a separate laws*uit. They fear Herbert is using his label Streamline Records to hide money from them and his creditors.

This news comes just a couple months after reports surfaced saying Vince still owed the IRS $4 million as well.

We’ll keep you posted once a j*udge orders on the verdict.

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