The Braxton Family Values show continues, and it is still enjoying big success.

As the Braxtons are now working on the seventh season of the successful production, Toni Braxton seems to have decided to open up a bit about what exactly

makes the show so good in the first place, and why it has managed to draw in large crowds of people on a regular basis. Toni explained that the whole thing feels very natural to her and her family, and everybody enjoys being on the set and working on the show.

In fact, that is one of the points she wanted to address — that the gig did not even feel like work for most people involved in the first place.

The fiancée of rapper Bryan Christopher “Baby” Williams told Hollywood Life: “We’re family. We grew up together. We always like to play and laugh and giggle. It doesn’t feel like we’re working. Often we forget that the cameras aren’t actually on.”

She added that her family was quite tightly knit and that there were rarely any arguments between them.

Most of the time, everyone managed to get along well, although of course from time to time things did get a bit intense with the occasional fighting.

The R&B diva stated: “Actually we don’t fight very much, we are close and share a lot of the same opinions on things.”

Toni also explained that she was entirely private about her personal life, and did not enjoy revealing too much about it to the public.

With that in mind, fans can probably assume that certain topics will be taboo on the show and will not be discussed at all.

At the same time, the production has already managed to take an interesting look into the lives of the whole family, so it is not known precisely where Toni and the rest would draw the line, and what exactly they would possibly see as inappropriate.

One fan of the reality TV series said: “Yawl should be embarrassed I’m from the hood, and I’ve NEVER seen sister act like that. It literally turned my stomach. Yawl act like you hate each other. So sad.”

Do you think Toni is not telling the whole truth about the fights in her family?

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