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Tupac 'New Shooting Story' Emerges As Former Co-Star Reveals Details Of Incident

Jermaine Hopkins shares uncovered story of Tupac Shakur getting sh*ot at during the filming of 'Juice'. Picture: Getty

Tupac's former co-star Jermain Hopkins, has shared an untold story of the legendary rappers' 'sh*ooting i*ncident' that took place on the 'Juice' film set.

Jermain Hopkins, who acted alongside

Tupac Shakur in the famous hit-movie Juice has revealed a uncovered rare story of the legendary late rapper. Lil Xan Responds After Pulling Out G*un On Tupac Fan & Calling Him The N-Word

The actor, who played the character of 'Steel' in Juice, Tupac got sh*ot at during the set where they were filming and making the hit-movie.

Hopkins sat down with VladTV and shared the tale of Tupac being sh*ot at by Harlem locals, while on set for the film Juice.

According to the actor, Tupac had an a*ltercation with guys from Harlem. The "Hail Mary" artist allegedly shouted "F*ck New York!" loud enough so that the neighbourhood could hear him.

Tupac had allegedly been r*obbed of his jewelry in Uptown Harlem around the same time as the a*ltercation happened with the Harlem locals.

In the VLADTV interview, Jermaine Hopkins revealed more details on the jewellery i*ncident and the sh*ooting.

Hopkins stated: "The f*ck New York came out, yeah, loud and clear [...] I guess at that point, he was frustrated with the things that was happening like "Oh y'all ain't got no love for me? F*ck New York then!"

He added: "You know that type of attitude and if I'm not mistaken between that, us being there, shutting sh*t down, g*unsh*ots."

The actor then spoke about the g*un sh*ots and said: "Uh, far as the sh*ooting at the set, from my recollection, g*unsh*ots went off, but nobody was hit."

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