Young Buck Fires At 50 Cent Over A Drake Beat On "Foofy Freestyle"

Young Buck takes his beef with 50 Cent to wax. Young Buck and 50 Cent's f*eud is far from over. Despite the label issues Buck's faced under G-Unit Records, 50 Cent's simply been t*ormenting the Cashville rapper, especially over the a*llegations that Buck had a relationship with a transgender woman.

The tension between the two reached a new level yesterday, and surprisingly, Fif wasn't directly involved. A 50 Cent fan p*ulled up on Buck asking about his alleged relationship with a transgender woman and things nearly e*scalated to physical v*iolence. Instead, Buck took that same a*ggression to the studio where he decided to put his beef with Fif on wax.

Young Buck is back on 50 Cent's neck on his new diss record, "Foofy Freestyle." The rapper clearly had a lot on his chest and ended up putting 50 on blast for just about everything from associating with 6ix9ine to ghostwriting "Too Rich." Of course, Buck, who previously stated that he'd Ja Rule 50 Cent's career, handled his diss track over Drake's "Duppy Freestyle."

Fif responding on wax seems unlikely but it's almost guaranteed that he'll clown Buck on the 'Gram later.

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