The Detroit P*olice Department is investigating after a Black veteran o*fficer claims he was profiled, roughed up and handc*uffed by a fellow white c*op for allegedly carrying too much cash.

Christopher Williams, a 14-year veteran of the f*orce, told FOX 2 Detroit the i*ncident unfolded at the city’s p*olice training center on June 6 as nearly 100 plainclothes o*fficers were logging hours to meet their annual requirements. At the time, Williams was in possession of more than $5,000 cash.

He said the o*fficer in question saw him stuffing the money, which belonged to his girlfriend, into his pocket as he left the restroom. As Williams and his lady were walking out of the day-long training, that’s when he says the c*op g*rabbed him, shoved him against a fence and placed him in handc*uffs.

“I said, ‘What the f–k are you doing?'” Williams said, recalling the i*ncident. “I was confused. He’s like, ‘You’re not supposed to have this much money on you.'”

“Everybody saw it,” he added. “So that’s embarrassing and h*umiliating.”

According to Williams’ attorney, Todd Perkins, Williams was only holding the cash for his girlfriend, who’s also a p*olice o*fficer. Perkins said Williams’ girlfriend also attended the June 6 training and withdrew the money on her lunch break to purchase money orders to pay a few medical bills.

It was only after the girlfriend showed the white o*fficer her receipt for the bank withdrawal that he let Williams go, Perkins said. Now the attorney is calling on Detroit p*olice to take action against the c*op in question.

“This is how he was treated by an individual who has only 20 percent of time on the job this man has,” Perkins told the station. “He throws him up against the fence, without probable cause and places him in handc*uffs. How dare he.”

On Friday, Assistant P*olice Chief James White said the i*ncident is under i*nvestigation but he didn’t want to assess blame “prematurely.”

“I’d like to see what happened,” White said in a video statement posted to Facebook . “To say [that] it is a r*acial component, I’ve got someone in the bathroom with a very large sum of money on him and an inquiry is being made as to where did you get the money. That’s not unreasonable to me.”

It’s unclear if the white o*fficer was aware Williams was a c*op as well, a question White said his department is looking into. He also noted that the building was open to the public at the time of the training.

“One of the things that I’d be trying to find out is at what point did the o*fficer identify himself as a p*olice o*fficer, which is required by our policy — that once you’re engaged in c*onfrontation or conversation relative to an i*nvestigation, you should identify yourself as a member of our agency,” the assistant p*olice chief said.

Perkins insists the white c*op didn’t identify himself as a law enf*orcement o*fficer before handc*uffing Williams. He also called White’s response to the i*ncident “shameful,” in that it f*orces his client to explain why he has money.

A representative for the Detroit P*olice told Atlanta Black Star that having large sums of cash on one’s person isn’t problematic in itself, adding that “there must be other circumstances that exist” to lead to an a*rrest.

“My client was i*njured by this — mentally,” Perkins told NBC News. “He’s distraught. There has to be some remuneration that comes to my client. He doesn’t want this to happen to anyone.”

The department is now working to determine the facts and details of the i*ncident.

Watch more in the video below.

A Black p*oliceman in Detroit said he is “h*umiliated” after handc*uffed in front of his peers for allegedly carrying too much cash. (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

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