Deyjah Harris Confirms She Is T.I.P.’s Daughter By Destroying Critic Who Said She Did Not Show Enough Love And Appreciation To Tiny Harris On Her Birthday

For those, who did not know, T.I. is the father of Deyjah Harris, and they have a few things in common — they are both experts at clapping back at people who wrong them on social media.

On Friday, Deyjah had a Q&A with fans and one brought up a question about her bonus mother, Tiny Harris’ recent 44th birthday party and her answer was one written reminiscent of T.I.P.’s classic clap-back book.

The person wanted to know why she no “longer f*ck with Tiny” and why she did not post a birthday message.

The 18-year-old college-bound student destroyed the person by saying she made sure to show Tiny her appreciation and love with concrete actions instead of posting every detail on social media.

Deyjah wrote:

One person said: “AMEN!! She was busy celebrating w Tiny on her bday having fun. Not everything needs to be documented live on IG ya’ll! Life still happens in real-time even if it’s not up on IG LIVE. RESPECT ✊🏼✨”

Another follower wrote: “Classy, Smart, and Beautiful 😍Why are people so pressed about what celebrities do in their personal lives. Everything doesn’t have to go on the Media. “I’ve literally checked my receipt……” that part just took me clean out! 😂😭👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼This was a quality clap back! lol.”

This backer revealed: “I read this in T.I. voice and her voice at the same time lmao. When will humans realize that no everything has to be online! 🤦🏻‍♀️Seriously come on now you can tell the love tiny has for all tips kids are genuine, she loves Dejah.

But Tiny is not that women she would never she loves that girl been in her life all of her life!!! You reaching go on ms Niko page and you see for yourself. her mother and tiny is close like best friend that’s definitely not true go on her mother page she has pictures with of her and Tiny.”

A fourth follower shared: “I call my family for their bdays. Social media isn’t life. Y’all gone learn to stop coming for to kids because they gone STEP! 😩😩😩😭😭😭 Every time!”

Tiny is busy in Barcelona, living her best life with her man and some friends. Did Deyjah handle the exchange well?