Don’t judge a book by its cover: Tin shack reveals stunning interior

- Pictures have emerged of a shack with a stunning interior, and Mzansi was left pleasantly surprised

- The shack looks normal on the outside but beautiful in the inside

- A few others were skeptical about the pictures.

Mzansi social media users were left pleasantly surprised after a shack was revealed to be more than what it looked like. The tin structure looked like a low cost house on the outside, but was instead like a beautiful modern home in the inside. The pictures of the house were shared by Twitter user ThabzDaVocalist and captioned: "A Good example of what they mean by the phrase..."Don't judge a book by its cover" It has received over 900 likes on Twitter with many expressing surprise at the shack interior.

Twitter user Zuzie_K simply said: "Inner beauty" While Nico_TheFirst said: "I bet it has sound protection and a heat insulator" .

A few others were a little more skeptical with one social media user even suggesting that it was not the same house. Zinembatha said she wanted to see the bathroom before passing any judgement. While pablo_beckham said: "If it's TRUE then it is still a waste".