This Florida woman took the dough right out of the doughnuts.

A Dunkin’ Donuts manager in Pinellas County, Fla., allegedly hired a fake employee and p*ocketed the checks for herself.

Markia Nelson, 29, was a*rrested Monday morning and ch*arged with grand th*eft.

P*olice said she hired a “fictitious person” on May 15 and logged work hours for them from May 16 through July 6, a total of 235 hours.

The fake employee was paid $8.65 an hour and netted a total of $1,610.84.

Nelson direct-deposited the earnings into her own account and admitted to po*lice that she used the money for “life expenses.”

A Florida woman who’s a manager at a Dunkin Donuts hired herself as an employee and p*ocketed the “employee’s” checks.

P*olice a*rrested a Pinellas County Dunkin’ Donuts manager this week for grand th*eft, stating that she hired a fake employee, and checked in and out as that employee.

Po*lice say the i*ncident happened between May 16 to July 6. Markia Nelson was a*rrested Monday morning.

It’s reported that between May and July, Nelson logged in a total of 235 hours as a fake employee.

The a*rrest report states that the fake employee earned a total of $1,610.84, $8.65 an hour.

It’s reported that Nelson direct deposited the money into her own account, and later admitted to the p*olice that the money was for “Life expenses”.

People are currently joking that she held her own interview.

Nelson was booked into the Pinellas County J*ail and ch*arged with Grand Th*eft.

Online records show she was since released. How Nelson got caught wasn’t reported.

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