Our Princess Ariel has been found, with Halle Bailey set to don The Little Mermaid’s shimmering tail.

And, despite certain people (who can absolutely get in the sea) using, ahem, ‘mermaid science’ to bring the 19-year-old down, she will make a truly lovely Ariel.

With big Disney-esque eyes and a singing voice capable of captivating seawreck survivors, Bailey is a good fit for the spirited Disney princess.

But the question on many people’s minds, is just who is going to play the role of King Triton?

Enter BossLogic, who’ve cooked up a poster for the role, showing us a rather convincing argument for the man who that role belongs to. Two words. Idris Elba.

The poster shows Elba in a golden crown and with long white hair and a beard. He’s got a tight grip around the golden trident and is looking directly into the eyes of all who look upon the poster – as if to say, ‘Yeah, this is me. I am King Triton’.

The incredible photo was captioned: ‘So are we getting @idriselba as King Triton now?’, and people sure as hell want it become reality.

Take a look for yourselves.

This needs to happen.

There is currently no release date for The Little Mermaid.

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