Gabrielle Union’s Daughter, Baby Kaavia Wade, Said Not Today During Her Latest Photo Shoot — She Shoved Her Mama’s Face To Go Play

Mama Gabrielle Union recently took part in a photo shoot with baby daughter Kaavia and things did not go as planned.

Dwyane Wade’s wife opted for a fun white dress and green headpiece while baby Kaavia had on a green/floral jumpsuit and salmon head wrap.

One thing is for sure, Kaavia was not interested in taking part in the shoot, and she made it known.

The baby can be seen shoving her mother’s face and fighting to get away.

The adorable baby was probably eager to play and crawl around and discover the world around her.

Gabrielle captioned the photo: “Me dealing with all the work I still have to complete going into a holiday break… Basically 🤷🏾‍♀️ #NotTodayAndForSureNotTomorrow.”

One fan told the beaming mama:

“Gabrielle is pretty, and everything but motherhood has made her even prettier. Her smile is wider; she’s glowing! I guess you can say that her joy is full.”Mom: But I…..

Kaavia: Not today, mama no Mom: I was just trying to…….

Kaavia: No mama NO means NO not today mom No I’m chilling today tho so No. I can’t decide who/what’s cuter. The baby or the joy on her mommy’s face ❤️ Absolutely lovely!”

Another backer shared: “Ohhhh❤️❤️❤️my goodness she is getting used to the cameras! Watch out world!! Gabrielle has a different glow to her since the birth of that baby. You can tell she competes her. She deserves it after all she been through 🙌🏾Her face is like damn I’m tired, I just want to go home and sleep, by the way, I need food too 😂😂😂Look lady I got somewhere to be. Just put me down. You holding up my progress.”

This follower penned this sweet message:

“Looking more and more like daddy Dwayne! Kaavia is telling her mommy backup I’m the star of the family now…I’m so happy to see a little smile from pretty girl,,, because she deserve the Academy Award for the best… #meanmugging #staredown #don’tplaywithme😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️The level of curving someone just to focus on her focus is admirable and necessary. She’s schooling’s for free yall😂.”

This fan revealed: “I can’t express how happy I am for Gabrielle 😭 ❤️ she’s been wanting a child for so long, and I’m so happy that she finally got that blessing. A very beautiful family 🙌🏾😍.”

Gabrielle is really happy when she is next to her daughter.