- Kind Samaritan, Bi Phakathi, once again tried to bless a homeless man but he was met with nothing but h*ostility

- The homeless man nearly a*ttacked him, shouting that he should take his food with him

- A video of the i*ncident was posted on Facebook on Thursday night and has since gathered over 20 000 views.

On Thursday evening, BI Phakathi posted a video on his Facebook page which showed an act of kindness gone wrong. Phakathi revealed he wanted to help a homeless man but almost was a*ttacked when the man refused his help. Having a good heart, Phakathi went into a shop and bought food anyway. He placed the purchased items on the sidewalk a couple of metres away from the homeless man.

However, the man stormed him and told Phakathi to take his food, adding he did not want it. Briefly.co.za gathered the video broke Mzansi's heart but they praised Phakathi for trying to help even though the man did not want it. Sophi Bidartoom commented: "God bless you my lovely brother." Aimee Willey wrote: "Thank you for not giving up on helping him you are a very kind man." Pauline Theunissen added: "You did not give up on him, and that is what counts. God bless."

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