Tiny Harris Gushed Over Her Daughter Zonnique Pullins And Her Band With A Throwback Video

Tiny Harris is the proudest mom! She just gushed over her daughter Zonnique Pullins and her amazing band and she posted a video with the ladies on her social media account. Check it out below.

‘You can’t tell me nothing about my group right here!

@omggirlz were the 💩 I put my blood, sweat & tears & money lol into them along with the help of @shamrastar @itsbankhead @thatshekinah & @_beautifulrose & there are others but we had many long long nights of creating the best girl group of this era!! I think we achieved that!! @bahjarodriguez @zonniquejailee @jusbrezway I love y’all to the end of life!! My superstars forever!!! @troubleman31 can I’m helped out when he wanted to😜👑💗💙💜’ Tiny captioned the video.

People want the ladies to reunite and they were not shy when it came to praising them in the comments.

Somoene said, ‘I remember waiting for this video to come out.. I was such a groupie for them ❤️’

Another follower wrote: ‘I think the world, especially with social media, would appreciate another album with their adult voices maybe drop Girlz omgladyz anyways I am here for it their adult voices together 🤧’

Someone else said, ‘My baby loves them. She cried watching them perform @ the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis❤️❤️❤️❤️’

Another follower wrote: ‘They was so dope took my daughter to see them in Oakland years ago got tickets last minute the day of front-row family seats she was the happiest 😍😍😍’

One fan said: ‘Don’t know why they stopped it I feel like it was cut way too short! I loved them as a group. ❤️’

Zonnique also hopped in the comments saying that those were the days. People have been asking the girls to reunite for a really long time.