Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Rasheeda Frost is apparently pregnant, according to her fans who are sure that that they can see a baby bump in the latest photo posted by her husband, Kirk Frost.

Recently, the father and grandfather took to social media and he shared a lovely picture where he is sitting with Rasheeda who is covering her belly in the middle of summer.

Fans also noticed that Kirk has one hand placed near Rasheeda’s belly. Supporters of the couple are running with these little clues and claiming that Rasheeda is expecting baby number 3.

The pair has had a few tough few months with the birth of Kirk’s love child, Kannon. His affair with Jasmine Washington pushed Rasheeda to file for divorce.

However, they have reconciled, and some are hoping that Rasheeda will have a baby girl.

One supporter said: “She MOST definitely looks pregnant.🤰🤰🤰👀So cute. Be following lhh Atlanta because of yall. Y’all give me hope in black marriages.”

This backer claimed: “Rasheeda you know pregnant @rasheeda. @frost117 and @rasheedadaboss.chickk y’all are a power couple glad y’all worked through the bs and stayed together because what God put together can’t no man break apart.”

A third fan revealed: “idk but it looks like he’s holding her tummy tho🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️. It’s definitely love. It covers a multitude of sin. Only the strong survive.💪🏾❤️”

This person asked: “Is sheeda pregnant again KIRK @frost117 😂 come on CLEAR the air 🤔 @rasheeda.

Is Kirk hand on her stomach? Is there something cooking in the oven?”

In a recent interview, Rasheeda opened up about being a mother and a mogul by saying: “Many women ask me how I balance all of the things that I do it. And it’s really about staying driven and being flexible. There isn’t one right path to be successful. But, it definitely comes from personal motivation, drive and being ok with not knowing the answers. You also can’t let others discourage you. We live in a time where people are always trying to knock your hustle or take you out of the game by trying to be your competition. Even if you’re doing something that someone else is doing, figure out a way to do it your own way, a better way. Find your niche and grow from there.”

Do you think Rasheeda is pregnant?

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