Lauren London Lifts The Veil On Her Romance With Rare Nipsey Hussle Pictures Via Her Latest Tribute And Hints At Some Kind Of Activism Work To Make Him Proud

Nipsey Hussle’s de*ath continues to echo through society, especially in the lives of those who were closest to him.

Lauren London recently wanted to make it clear that she has not forgotten her late boyfriend at all, while also showing the world how much he meant to her.

The actress and mother of two shared a tearful tribute to the late rapper, and activist and many people have commended her for being a strong queen.

London explained how she had always had a crush on Hussle, and talked about all the feelings she had over his d*eath. The actress also promised to march on with Hussle’s legacy on doing great things for his community.

She wrote: “Always had a crush on Him and #GoingToMakeHimProud Love you baby.”

It is clear that the rapper’s m*urder is still affecting those around him to a substantial degree, but fans are only seeing a small glimpse of how painful things are behind the scenes.

One supporter had this reaction to the photos: “The last one reveals how much he loves her and how much they were connected to each other… This is beautiful and sooooo sad at the same time 😭King and Queen of LA forever!💙🏁”

Another commenter stated: “I’m gonna speak for myself as a grown woman looking in from the outside. You and Nip showed me what it was like to have real love in a relationship and how beautiful it would be!!!! I know it’s hard, and I pray for healing for you every day. I hope one day I can find my prince charming too… thank you, Lauren, for letting us in and seeing what it is like to be loved genuinely, you are truly blessed.

Rip a legend u a loyal lady keep da head up he is watching u and his kids from on top.”

Meanwhile, on another related front, there is still some speculation surrounding the rapper’s d*eath.

Some of Hussle’s fans are convinced that there is more to the i*ncident than what is being reported by the media and authorities so far, but it is not clear what they could be alleging exactly.

Others have taken the opportunity to remind people that they should maintain a respectful attitude towards the rapper’s close friends and relatives in this challenging time.

Many people around Hussle have expressed a desire for privacy after the t*ragic i*ncident, which is entirely understandable.