Lauren London Shares New Photo Of Nipsey Hussle And Joins His Sister, Samantha Smith, In Sending A Message To Those Talking About The Rapper Like Tanisha Asghedom AKA Chyna Hussle

It has been three months since the passing of Nipsey Hussle, the life partner of Lauren London.

In various ways, Lauren and several members of Hussle’s family, (including the late rapper’s sister, Samantha Smith), have made sure to pay tribute to him and that his legacy is alive and continues.

This weekend, Lauren took to social media where she posted a picture of the activist and businessman and captioned it: “My Forever Love.”

Samantha called out the people who were not loyal to her brother and are now faking it, and Lauren backed her.

Some on social media believe that Lauren and Samantha might be asking Hussle’s baby mama, Tanisha Asghedom, also known as Chyna Hussle, to stop her wild Instagram live videos where she makes comments that rattle the family.

Many fans are praying for Lauren and her family as they m*ourn Hussle.

One person replied: “My heart hurts for you so much because I know that you both shared a love and a bond that can never be replaced… 💙💯Weird how I just dreamt about him just last night. Was wondering why I did. Your post confirms why I did & that his spirit is all around you. From his corner store to his entire city, his spirit lives all around you, Lauren. Embrace him. Don’t be sad. He’s watching over you and your family. 💙”

Another follower claimed: “She’s truly G*RIEVING. She didn’t deserve this. Neither did he. Neither did his kids. Neither did the world 💔She legit did not deserve what life handed her 💔 , but she’s really staying strong.”

This backer had this to say: “My heart aches for her 😢 the strength she is showing is simply amazing! I wish you we could bring him back two her and those babies 💔.

Usually, don’t like women getting men tatted on them but this one is DEFINITELY ACCEPTABLE 💕Your pain and loss are profound, I pray that the love of God floods your heart and soul and relieves you of the agony you are going through. May God comfort you, Lauren.”

This fourth supporter of the family revealed: “They broke that woman’s soul when they took him,😪💙🏁I wish no one ever had to experience the loss of a loved one from senseless g*un v*iolence. My heart hurts for Lauren and EVERY wife, mother, friend, brother, sister, cousin, or grandparent who has ever had their loved one’s life cut short. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾”

The family is united in protecting Hussle’s legacy.