The former First Lady of the United States shared with the public that both of her and Barack’s daughters, Malia and Sasha experienced kissing for the first time while at the White House! Not only that but, Michelle says they were also surrounded by bodyguards at the time.

They may be embarrassed but there is nothing Sasha and Malia can change now – their mother has told the whole world abo their first kisses!

While at the Essence Fest, Michelle Obama told Gayle King that ‘My kids had armed guards with them at all times. Imagine trying to have your first kiss [around] a bunch of men [with guns] and earpieces.’

While this is pretty big, it is not the first time Michelle exposes her kids’ personal lives.

In her tell-all nook – Becoming, the former FLOTUS wrote that Malia begged her parents to ‘be cool’ about her date coming at the White House to pick her up for prom.

Apparently, she was barefoot at the time while Barack was walking around in flip-flops.

‘Her embarrassment [had] already [begun] to smolder as we rode the elevator downstairs. We took what was perhaps some unfair comfort in the knowledge that Malia’s security detail would ride the boy’s bumper all the way to that restaurant where they were going out for dinner before prom and would remain on quiet duty all throughout the night,’ the mom of two wrote.

Her date must have been very brave!

Michelle also mentioned during her chat with Gayle that she is surprised the girls managed to even make friends during and after the White House.

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