NeNe Leakes Shares New Pics From The Pride Parade And Her Outfit Becomes An Issue For Some People

NeNe Leakes told fans that she’s been so busy lately that she forgot to post the pics that she took at the pride parade. She decided to share a few and some people body-shamed her.

There were followers who said that she has gained weight, and other bashed her outfit saying that it’s not supposed to look like this on her.

Body-shaming is never okay, and more of her followers motivated their bashing with the fact that she also body-shamed Porsha Williams a while ago, as you may recall.

Anyway, here’s NeNe’s post below and the reactions of some followers.

‘SWIPE: World Pride🌈 I’ve been so busy, I totally forgot to post! My time on the float was absolutely hot and amazing 😂’ NeNe captioned her post.

Someone said, ‘You Know The Gays Live For You Queen 👑 Thanks For All The Slogans, Memes, And Catchphrases 😂’

Another follower posted: ‘Hello NeNe, I hope all is well with you and your hubby. Take care!!’

One other fan wrote: ‘Girl, you have put some weight on!!’ while someone else said this: ‘Girl bye!! Those pants are not supposed to fit like that. 😂😂’

A follower brought up Porsha and NeNe body-shaming her: ‘Now what was that you had said about Porsche??’

In other news, NeNe made some fans mad recently again with another one of her posts.

More people a*ccused her of only thinking about herself. and not caring about Gregg Leakes enough. But her diehard fans came to her defense in the comments.