Samantha Smith, who is the sister of late rapper Nipsey Hussle, is being praised for her resilience and for being the boss that she is in a new stunning photo series.

Via social media, Samantha posted a photo shoot, where she looks elegant in a black and white wrap dress.

Lauren London’s “sister” completed the look with black boots and a sexy hairstyle.

Via the caption, Samantha explained that a real man raised her: “Raised by real ni@gas y’ all b having too many character flaws ♠️“

One person replied: “Your brother was the definition of a real man with integrity character it’s crazy when I hear him speak in interviews or his music; it makes me feel like I could accomplish anything in this world. RIP to the best to ever do it. I pray so hard your beautifully blended family. That you continue to lean on each other and be each other’s strength. I pray one day, you have peace. It will always hurt, some days being unbearable, but your strength will carry you. Your strength, your resilience, and your brother’s spirit will carry you.”

This commenter explained: “She’s so Beautiful and Sexy to lol. Pls, tell these clown a$$ mfs sis! Stay resilient stay up… he’s a proud brother Sam!! Holding you down in prayer, always love and light forever.”

A third follower shared: “Raised by the best…one is gone and left an imprint on the world but also one that’s still here. You are around greatness which is s have the dopest brothers that have a plan to decode the matrix..god bless queen.

So g! And your brother’s keeper! Such strength and courage .”

A fourth supporter added: “We can’t forget about your strength too, Sammy! The way you repped your brother on BET was beautiful and amazing. You held it together on that stage even tho we could see the tears. You held it down for everyone and vise versa. And I love your little moment with Kross & Nipsey was up there with you all, accepting that award and performing his music!”

Recently, Kross and Emani Asghedom’s aunt took to Instagram and shared a photo of her latest tattoo, a portrait of her brother, the late Nipsey “Tha Great” Hussle.

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