Phaedra Parks is apparently dating a hot, younger actor and Williams has some advice! Considering the fact that the talk show host was seen spending a lot of time with 27 year old Marc Tomblin following her divorce from Kevin Hunter, it makes sense that she would know what she’s talking about!

Wendy is excited for Phaedra that she’s found someone to love after her own messy divorce with Apollo Nida.

But, that is not to say that she should not be careful.

On her show’s latest episode, Williams addressed the other woman, telling her: ‘Phaedra, be careful, because I do not know if you are going there again, you got your children with Apollo and your body back. And, we are not changing pampers anymore. He has got his own money and he has got no kids.’

She was, of course, talking about Medina, an actor starring in Tyler Perry‘s The Haves and the Have Nots.

As fans know, Phaedra has already confirmed their romance in an interview with DailyMailTV, telling the news outlet that she is happy with the decade younger man.

‘He’s a super cutie pie, he’s tall, dark and handsome. He’s very smart, kind… he’s a vegan. He doesn’t even eat sugar, honey. I did not date for 4 years, and so, I put my foot in the man pond, and found a guy that is suitable for me,’ she gushed.

As it turns out, they met on a dating app called Raya and ever since, she’s been feeling like she’s floating on clouds.

Referring to the smile on her face she’s been having because of her ‘adorable’ boyfriend, Phaedra pointed out: ‘You see this glow?’

Yes, she’s definitely glowing, but is Wendy Williams right? Should Phaedra be more careful entering this relationship?

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